Korean Solaris User's Guide

Hanja Character Lookup Choice Mode

  1. With Hangul input conversion on, typing an appropriate sequence of keys composes a Hangul character in the preedit area on the screen:

  2. Typing Control-W or the Hanja key on the keyboard displays a lookup choice area that contains possible Hanja choices:

  3. Typing Control-N displays the next lookup choice page if more choices are available. Control-P displays the previous page of choices.

Committing or Rejecting Hanja Choices

    To choose and commit a Hanja choice, type the letter of the lookup area choice.

The chosen Hanja (for example, choice a) is then committed, and a new preedit area is ready for the next Hangul input:


    To abort the lookup choice mode without choosing a Hanja, type Control-A at any time. The preedit area then contains only unchanged Hangul input.