Solaris Handbook for Sun Frame Buffers

Interactive Configuration

  1. To use GFXconfig to configure your PGX32 card, type:

    # GFXconfig -i

The PGX32 configuration window is displayed (Figure 6-1).

Figure 6-1 PGX32 Configuration Window


Table 6-1 describes the PGX32 configuration window.

Table 6-1 PGX32 Configuration Window



Up and down arrows 

Selects the desired PGX32 device to modify. 

Left and right arrows 

Selects the parameter to modify (for example, screen resolution, bit-depth, or synchronization). 

Space bar 

Used to modify the parameter for the given PGX32 device (brings up a menu when applicable). 

Puts a test pattern on the entire display. Press any key to return to the main screen. 

Saves the current settings and exits the configuration window. 


Exits the program without saving any changes.