Solaris Handbook for Sun Frame Buffers

Noninteractive Configuration

Sometimes it is convenient to configure the PGX32 card noninteractively. This method is especially useful when configuring many systems identically or when you know which configuration is appropriate for the system.

GFXconfig uses the same conventions as the m64config utility. m64config is used for all ATI-based graphics which includes the Sun Ultra 5 and Sun Ultra 10 motherboard graphics (both 8-bit and 24-bit systems) and PGX 8-bit PCI frame buffer. You can set all of the parameters that can be set using the interactive version by specifying the correct flag followed by a desired value. Table 6-2 describes these parameters.

Table 6-2 Noninteractive Configuration Parameters



-dev device

Displays the device to configure. 

-res resolution

Displays the resolution name. 

-res \?

Shows resolutions. 

-file filename

Displays the configuration file: system or machine.

-depth depth

Shows the bit depth (8 or 24, default is 24). 


Resets the device to the default parameters. 

-24only (true/false)

Forces all windows to use 24-bit visuals. This may prohibit some 8-bit applications from working. 

-gfile gamma file

Lists the gamma file. 

-gvalue gamma value

Lists the gamma value.  


Displays the current settings. 


Displays hardware information. 


Shows usage information. 

Note -

By default, the bit depth is set to 8/24 for resolutions of 1280 x 1024 and less, or 8 only for higher resolutions.


  1. To configure the resolution on the PGX32 to 1152 x 900 at 66, type:

    # GFXconfig -res 1152x900x66

    To verify the resolution prior to setting it permanently, add the word "try" after the resolution name. This option displays a test pattern on the screen until you press the Return key. Then you can accept or reject the resolution. For example:

    # GFXconfig -res 1152x900x66 try -dev /dev/fbs/gfxp0

  1. To set the resolution to 1024 x 768 at 60 with a single TrueColor visual (no 8-bit PseudoColor visual), type:

    # GFXconfig -res 1024x768x60 -24only true

  1. To see the current settings for /dev/fbs/gfxp0, type:

    # GFXconfig -propt -dev /dev/gfx/gfxp0