Sun Java System Access Manager 7 2005Q4 Administration Guide

Deploying Additional Instances of Access Manager

Before you can deploy a new instance of Access Manager, you must create and start the new web container instance using the administration tools for the web container. For information, refer to the specific web container documentation:

The steps described in this section only apply to an Access Manager instance that has been installed with the Configure Now option. If you are planning to use WebLogic or WebSphere as web containers, you must use the Configure Later option when installing Access Manager. See Chapter 2, Installing and Configuring Third-Party Web Containers for more information.

Deploying an Additional Access Manager Instance

This section describes how to deploy an additional Access Manager instance on a different host server and update the Platform Server List.

ProcedureTo Deploy an Additional Access Manager Instance

  1. Log in as an administrator, depending on the web container for the instance. For example, if Web Server 6.1 will be the web container for the new instance, log in either as superuser (root) or as the user account for the Web Server Administration Server.

  2. Copy the amsamplesilent file to a writable directory and make that directory your current directory. For example, you might create a directory named /newinstances.

    Tip Rename the copy of the amsamplesilent file to describe the new instance you want to deploy. For example, the following steps use an input file named amnewws6instance to install a new instance for Web Server 6.1.

  3. Set the following variables in the new amnewws6instance file:


    Set other variables in the amnewws6instance file as required for the new instance you want to create. For a description of these variables, refer to the tables in the following sections:

  4. Run the amconfig, specifying the new amnewws6instance file. For example, on Solaris systems:

    # cd opt/SUNWam/bin/
     # ./amconfig -s ./newinstances/amnewws6instance

    The -s option runs the amconfig script in silent mode.

    The amconfig script calls other configuration scripts as needed, using variables in the amnewws6instance file to deploy the new instance.

ProcedureTo Update the Platform Server List

When you crate an additional container instance, you must update the Access Manager Platform Server list to reflect the addition of the container(s).

  1. Log in to the Access Manager Console as the top-level administrator.

  2. Click on the Service Configuration tab.

  3. Click on the Platform service.

  4. Enter the following information for the new instance in the Server List:


    The instance number should be the next available number that is not in use.

  5. Click Add.

  6. Click Save.