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Sun StorEdge 3510 FC Array and Sun StorEdge 3511 SATA Array Specifications

This appendix provides the specifications for the Sun StorEdge 3510 FC array and Sun StorEdge 3511 SATA array. The topics covered are:

A.1 Physical Specifications

TABLE A-1 Physical Specifications for Sun StorEdge 3510 FC Array and Sun StorEdge 3511 SATA Array





3.64 in. / 9.25 cm

2U (3.45 in. / 8.76 cm)


19 in. / 48.26 cm

17.56 in. / 44.60 cm (body)


Main chassis 18 in. / 45.72 cm


To back of power supply:

20 in. / 50.8 cm


To back of power supply handle: 21 in. / 53.34 cm

Main chassis 18 in. / 45.72 cm


To back of power supply:

20 in. / 50.8 cm


To back of power supply handle: 21 in. / 53.34 cm

Weight (fully loaded FC array)

69 lb / 31.3 kg with 36-GB drives

66.3 lb / 30.1 kg with 73-GB drives

67.3 lb / 30.5 kg with 146-GB drives

63 lb / 28.6 kg with 36-GB drives

60.3 lb / 27.4 kg with 73-GB drives

61.3 lb / 27.8 kg with 146-GB drives

Weight (fully loaded FC expansion unit)

62.6 lb / 28.4 kg with 36-GB drives

59.9 lb / 27.2 kg with 73-GB drives

60.9 lb / 27.6 kg with 146-GB drives

56.6 lb / 25.7 kg with 36-GB drives

53.9 lb / 24.4 kg with 73-GB drives

54.9 lb / 24.9 kg with 146-GB drives

Weight (fully loaded SATA array)

65 lb / 29.5 kg with 250-GB drives

67.6 lb / 30.7 kg with 400-GB drives

59 lb / 26.8 kg with 250-GB drives

61.6 lb / 27.9 kg with 400-GB drives

Weight (fully loaded SATA expansion unit)

58.6 lb / 26.6 kg with 250-GB drives

61.2 lb / 27.8 kg with 400-GB drives

52.6 lb / 23.9 kg with 250-GB drives

55.2 lb / 25 kg with 400-GB drives

Note - Add 12.75 lb (5.8 kg) for packaging if you want to know the shipping weight of an array or expansion unit.

A.2 Sun StorEdge 3510 FC Array and Sun StorEdge 3511 SATA Array Highlights

TABLE A-2 Sun StorEdge 3510 FC Array and Sun StorEdge 3511 SATA Array Highlights




  • Up to 12 hot-pluggable drives in a 2U (3.45 in. / 8.76 cm high) chassis
  • Autosensing AC or DC power supplies
  • Dual-host access in certain configurations


  • Up to 1752 GB in a RAID array (with 146-GB drives)
  • Up to 4800 GB in a RAID array (with 400-GB drives)
  • 21 in. (53.34 cm) chassis depth
  • Sun StorEdge 3510 FC RAID supports up to eight expansion units
  • Sun StorEdge 3511 SATA RAID supports up to five expansion units


  • Redundant hot-swappable FRUs
  • Single or redundant active/active hot-swappable RAID controllers
  • N+1 hot-swappable power and cooling
  • NEBS Level 3 and HALT test certified; designed to meet 99.999% reliability

RAID System
Storage Resource Management

  • Web-based 10/100BASE-T Ethernet support
  • Serial port out-of-band support with modem control
  • RAID Levels 0, 1, 1+0, 3, 3+0, 5, and 5+0
  • Up to 1024 LUNs
  • SNMP traps and MIB in firmware
  • 1-GB cache memory standard
  • Sun StorEdge 3510 FC arrays include four channels that are user configurable as drive or host channels and two channels are dedicated drive channels
  • Sun StorEdge 3511 SATA arrays include two channels that are user configurable as drive or host channels, two channels that are dedicated drive channels, and two channels that are dedicated host channels
  • Support for Sun StorEdge Configuration Service and Diagnostic Reporter management software

The following topics briefly describe specific hardware and firmware features.

A.2.1 Hardware Loop ID

Each device communicating on an arbitrated loop requires an AL_PA, the Arbitrated Loop Physical Address. The host Fibre Channel supports a single hard loop ID in the range 0 - 125. The drive channel allows up to 125 devices to be connected to a single loop.

The controller supports automatic loop ID assignment on the drive channel. A hard loop address ID is assigned to the disk drives by setting the radial switch.

A.2.2 Firmware Host-Side Connection Mode

The controller default is "Loop Only" in "Host-side Parameters."

A.2.3 Firmware LUN Filtering (RAID-Based Mapping)

LUN filtering is a method used for separating and controlling access to data from the RAID controller. One major benefit of Fibre Channel is the capability to share a common storage pool with multiple servers or workstations. However, allocation becomes an issue when every server in a network can access the data in a logical drive. LUN filtering provides a means for controlling data access if data is not allowed for every server.

When you map a logical drive to a host LUN through the firmware application, you can create a mapping according to the worldwide port names (WWPN) that are specific to each host adapter. A LUN mask can then be created as an access filter for including or excluding host adapters from addressing specific storage unit. A host map is composed of an ID range that is configured to include one or more IDs. A host adapter can be identified by its ID (device-specific port names) as included or excluded from range. The LUN mask is also defined with a filter type as read only or read/write.

A.2.4 Firmware Redundant Loops

The selection of "drive-side dual-loop" is fixed. Since two channels are used to connect a group of physical drives, the two channels automatically assume the same ID address and operate in duplex mode.

A.2.5 Firmware Dynamic Load Balancing

The controller provides a mechanism to equally distribute I/O loads between channels in a redundant loop configuration.

A.3 Agency Approvals and Standards

TABLE A-3 Sun StorEdge 3510 FC Array and Sun StorEdge 3511 SATA Array Product Safety & Electromagnetic Standards

Product Safety





UL Listed to UL60950:2000, 3rd Edition


CSA Standard CAN/CSA-C22.2 No. 60950-00 3rd Edition



European Union

EN 60950:2000


Part of World-wide CB Scheme


Part of World-wide CB Scheme


Resolution 92-98 (S-Mark)


GS mark (ergonomics) (Rheinland)


Part of World-wide CB Scheme (GOST-R mark)


Hygienic Mark (ergonomics)



Electromagnetic Compatibility





FCC #47, Part 15, Subpart B, Class B




VCCI Class B

European Union

EN 55022:1998 Class B

Australia/New Zealand

AS/NZS 3548:1996


BSMI CNS 13438 Class B


GOST-R mark


Same as European Union


S mark

Electromagnetic Interference



Harmonics Emissions

EN 61000-3-2:2000 (No Limits)

Voltage Flicker

EN 61000-3-3:1995/A1:2001 (No Limits)


EN 55024 (8kV Contact, 15kV Air)

RF Field

EN 55024 (10V/m)

Electrical Fast Transient Burst

EN 55024 (1kV I/O, 2kV Power)


EN 55024 (1kV I/O, 1kV Power L-L, 2kV Power L-G)

RF Conducted

EN 55024 (3V I/O and Power)

Power Frequency Magnetic Field

EN 55024 (N/A monitors only)

Voltage Dip and Interruption

EN 55024 (0V/0.5cycle, 70%V/0.5sec, 0V/5sec)