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Sun StorageTek 2500 Array Release Notes




Features in This Release

Sun StorageTek 2500 Array Features

New Features

Array Features

Auto Service Request Feature

Premium Features

2500 Series Array Ship Kit Contents

Array Controller Kits

Sun StorageTek 2501 Array Expansion Kit

Management Software

System Requirements

Array Firmware Version Information

Disk Drives and Tray Capacity

Data Host Requirements

Supported HBAs and Switches

2540 Array Data Host Requirements

2530 Data Host Requirements

2510 Array Data Host Requirements

Installing Array Baseline Firmware

Installing the Firmware Patch

Installing Release 6.0.1 Firmware Baseline

Installing the Patch for 48 Drive Support

Known Issues

iSCSI Issues

SAS Issues

Hardware and Firmware Issues

Documentation Issues

Array Configuration Naming Convention

Connecting Expansion Trays

Cabling an Expansion Tray to a Controller Tray

Cabling Additional Expansion Trays

Operational Information

Release Documentation

Service Contact Information

Third-Party Web Sites

A. SAS Single Path Configuration

Planning for SAS Single Path Connections

SAS OS and Patch Requirements

Solaris 10 Restrictions

Planning the Cabling Topology

Suggested Naming Convention in the Sun StorageTek Common Array Manager Software

Completing the Configuration Worksheet

Configuring Single Path Connections

Configuring Storage in the Sun StorageTek Common Array Manager Software

Adding More Devices


Errors When Trying to Establish Communication

Verifying Single Path Information After Replacing Controllers