Developing Sun Master Indexes (Repository)

Dynamic Java API

Due to the flexibility of the object structure, Sun Master Index generates several dynamic Java methods for use in Collaborations and in Business Processes. One set is provided in a method OTD for use in Collaborations and one set is provided for Business Processes. The names, parameter types, and return types of these methods vary based on the objects you defined in the object structure.

Generating the master index application creates a method OTD that includes Java functions you can use to define data processing rules in Collaborations. These functions allow you to define how messages received from external systems are processed by the Service. You can define rules for inserting new records, retrieving record information, updating existing records, performing match processing, and so on.

In addition to the method OTD, which can be used in Collaborations, Sun Master Index creates a set of Java methods that can be incorporated into Business Processes and into Web Services. These methods are a subset of those defined for the method OTD, providing the ability to view, retrieve, and match information in the master index application database.