Developing Sun Master Indexes (Repository)

Connectivity Components

The master index project Connectivity Map consists of two required components: the web application service and the application service. Two optional components are a JMS Topic for broadcasting messages and an Oracle or SQL Server Adapter for database connectivity. In client project Connectivity Maps you can use any of the standard project components to define connectivity and data flow to and from the master index application. Client projects include those created for the external systems sharing data with the index through a Collaboration or Business Process.

For client projects, you can use connectivity components from the master index server project and any standard Java CAPS connectivity components, such as OTDs, Services, Collaborations, JMS Queues, JMS Topics, and Adapters. Client project components transform and route incoming data into the master index database according to the rules contained in the Collaborations or Business Processes. They can also route the processed data back to the appropriate local systems through Adapters.