Sun Java Enterprise System 5 Monitoring Guide

ProcedureTo Enable Monitoring in Access Manager

  1. Temporarily disable monitoring in Access Manager with the following commands:

    cacaoadm unregister-module
    cacaoadm restart
  2. Open the Access Manager XML descriptor file for editing:

    vi /etc/AccessMgr-base/config/
  3. Find the lines containing:

    <param-name>Product Name</param-name>
    <param-value>Access Manager</param-value>

    and modify the second line to:

    <param-value>Java ES Access Manager</param-value>

    Save the file and exit the editor.

  4. Register the modified XML module:

    mfwk-base/bin/mfwksetup -u /etc/AccessMgr-base/config/
    mfwk-base/bin/mfwksetup -r /etc/AccessMgr-base/config/
  5. Restart the Common Agent Container:

    cacaoadm restart

Due to untested behavior with third-party web containers, monitoring is disabled by default when Access Manager is deployed in Websphere or Weblogic. You may enable monitoring as described in how To Selectively Disable and Re-Enable Monitoring, although this configuration is unsupported.