Sun Java System Portal Server 7.1 Technical Reference

Sample Desktops

The table below shows the three sample Desktops, which make up the developer sample.

Table 36–1 Sun Java System Portal Server Sample Desktop Containers

Container (Desktop) Type 



Generates a JSP-based tab Desktop.Creates a Desktop that contains multiple containers selected using different tabs. Normally, each tab is constructed by using the corresponding PredefinedTabPanelContainer. This container is JSP-based. Its provider is JSPTabContainerProvider. 


Generates a JSP-based table Desktop. Creates a Desktop that arranges a maximum of five sub-containers into the channel arrangement. This container is JSP-based. Its provider is JSPTableContainerProvider. 


Generates a frame-based Desktop. Creates a Desktop using frames. The left-hand frame enables you to navigate, and the right-hand frame displays the channels. This container is JSP-based. Its provider is JSPTabContainerProvider. 

The developer sample can also serve as a place to start when building your own site’s portal. You can customize the containers and use the building-block providers, such as XMLProvider and JSPProvider, to add customized content. The developer sample also includes content providers, such as BookmarkProvider, that cannot be extended but that can be used to provide content.

If the existing building-block and content providers do not meet your needs, you can either extend an existing building-block provider (content providers are not public and hence not extendible), or develop custom building-block providers. If either of these methods do not suit your needs, you can develop a custom provider.

Note –

The Portal Server 7.1 software distinguishes between building-block providers, which you can extend using the Portal Server 7.1 software APIs, and content providers, which you cannot extend. See the Sun Java System Portal Server 7.1 Developer's Guide for more information on extending the providers.