Sun Java System Communications Express 6.3 Customization Guide

Message Listing

This section describes how to modify the Message List window shown in Figure 5–2.

Figure 5–2 Message List Window

Figure showing Communications Express message list window.

You can modify the following in the Message List window:

Modifying Message List Window

To modify the Message List window, edit the appropriate files as follows:

Functionally, the getToolbar() function links the “Collect External Mail” hyperlink to collect() in main.js. Example 5–2 shows how such linking is done.

Example: Message Listing Modifications

To change the text on “Collect External Mail” button to “Get Messages From Another Server”, follow the code example provided in Example 5–3. This shows the necessary changes to be made in en/i18n.jsfile.

Example 5–3 Altering List Window Text (en/i18n.js)

// POP3 Collection
i18n[’collect long’] = ’Get Messages From Another Server