Sun Java System Calendar Server 6.3 Administration Guide

D.2 Short Description of Command-Line Utilities

The following table gives a short description the Calendar Server command-line utilities.

Table D–1 Calendar Server Command-Line Utilities Summary



D.3 csattribute

Manages the LDAP attributes of a calendar user or resource for Schema version 1. 

D.4 csbackup

Backs up individual calendars, users, and the calendar database. 

D.5 cscal

Manages calendars and their properties. 

D.6 csclean

Removes user and resource calendars for Calendar Server users whose status attribute (inetUserStatus) has been marked as “deleted” by Delegated Administrator. 

D.7 cscomponents

Manages calendar components: events and tasks (todos). 

D.8 csdb

Manages the calendar database. 

D.9 csdomain

Manages Calendar Server attributes in the domain LDAP entry for Schema version 1. 

D.10 csexport

Exports a calendar in iCalendar (.ics) or XML (.xml) format.

D.11 csimport

Imports a calendar in iCalendar (.ics) or XML (.xml) format.

D.13 cspurge

Allows the manual purge of entries in the Delete Log database (ics50deletelog.db).

D.14 csrename

Allows the renaming of user ID's. Causes the whole database to be rewritten. 

D.15 csresource

Manages calendar resources such as conference rooms and equipment. 

D.16 csrestore

Restores individual calendars, users, and the calendar database. 

D.17 csschedule

Manages scheduling entries in the Group Scheduling Engine (GSE) queue. 

D.18 csstats

Displays counters in a Calendar Server. 

D.19 csuser

Manages calendar users for Schema version 1. 

D.20 start-cal

Starts all Calendar Server processes. 

D.21 stop-cal

Stops all Calendar Server processes.