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SPARC Enterprise M4000/M5000 Servers Site Planning Guide

Site Planning Guide


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1. Physical Specifications

1.1 Before Setting Up the Server

1.2 Server Specifications

1.2.1 Server Components

1.2.2 Server Guidelines Mounting Requirements Size and Space Specifications Space for Thermal Clearance

1.2.3 Access Route

2. Network Connection, Environmental, and Electrical Specifications

2.1 Network Connection

2.1.1 Setup and Network Connection

2.1.2 Platform and Domain Setup

2.1.3 Choosing the System Control Network Configuration

2.2 UPS Interface

2.2.1 Overview

2.2.2 Signal Cables

2.2.3 Signal Line Configuration

2.2.4 Power Supply Conditions Input Circuit Output Circuit

2.2.5 UPS Cable

2.3 Environmental Requirements

2.3.1 Ambient Temperature

2.3.2 Ambient Relative Humidity

2.3.3 Contamination Specifications

2.3.4 CPU Types and Server Maximum Power Consumption

2.4 Electrical and Cooling Specifications

2.5 Airflow and Heat Dissipation

2.5.1 Airflow Indicator

2.6 Facility Power Requirement

2.6.1 Circuit Breaker Capacity and Characteristics

2.6.2 Grounding