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Sun ONE Meta-Directory 5.1.1 Product Brief


The Meta-Directory Product Brief describes key concepts of Sun ONETM Meta-Directory software. This preface contains the following sections:

What You are Expected to Know

This Product Brief is intended for use by system administrators. Before reading this guide, you should be familiar with Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP) as well as the Windows NT or the Solaris Operating System on the servers on which Meta-DirectoryTM is installed.

The Sun ONE Meta-Directory Documentation Set

The Sun ONE Meta-Directory 5.1.1 documentation set includes the following materials:

Organization of This Guide

The table below lists and briefly describes the content of the Product Brief:

Table 1  Product Brief Chapters 




An outline of the Product Brief and a description of the Sun ONE Meta-Directory documentation set

Chapter 1, "Meta-Directory Overview"

A brief explanation of Meta-Directory concepts

Chapter 2, "Quick Start"

An easy reference on the steps needed to set up Meta-Directory

Chapter 3, "Meta-Directory Principles at Work"

An example of a typical way to configure Meta-Directory

Chapter 4, "Console Interface"

An overview of the different Sun ONE product consoles used within Meta-Directory

Documentation Conventions

In all Sun ONE Meta-Directory documentation, certain typographic conventions and terminology are used to simplify discussion and to help better understand the material.

Typographic Conventions

This book uses the following typographic conventions:


Below is a list of the general terms that are used in the Sun ONE Meta-Directory documentation set:

Where to Find Additional Information

In addition to the Sun ONE Meta-Directory documentation set, you should be familiar with the documentation for products that are used in conjunction with it. Of particular interest are the Sun ONE Console and Sun ONE Directory Server documentation set. This section lists additional sources of information you may find helpful as you use the Sun ONE Meta-Directory software.

Sun ONE Console Documentation

You can find the Sun ONE Console documentation at the following site:

Sun ONE Directory Server Documentation

You can find the Sun ONE Directory Server documentation at the following site:

Directory Server Developer Information

In addition to the Directory Server documentation, you can find information on Meta-Directory, LDAP, the iPlanet Directory Server, and associated technologies at the following Sun ONE developer sites:

Other Sun ONE Product Documentation

Documentation for all Sun ONE servers and technologies can be found at the following web site:

Sun ONE Technical Support

You can contact Sun ONE Technical Support through the following location:

Your Feedback on the Documentation

Sun Microsystems is interested in improving this documentation and welcomes your comments and suggestions. Use the following web-based form to provide feedback to us:

Please provide the full document title and part number in the appropriate fields. The part number can be found on the title page of the book or at the top of the document, and is usually a seven or nine digit number. For example, the part number of the Sun ONE Meta-Directory Installation Guide is 817-3896-10.

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