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Sun ONE Meta-Directory 5.1.1 Deployment Guide


The Sun ONE Meta-Directory Deployment Guide offers an introduction to Meta-Directory and describes how to plan and implement an Sun ONE Meta-Directory system.

This preface contains the following sections:

What You Are Expected to Know

This book is considered the “first” book in the documentation series provided with Sun ONE Meta-Directory. While it’s not essential that you understand directory technologies, you will get the most out of this guide if you are familiar with directory servers, databases, and Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP). Particularly, you should be familiar with planet Directory Server and the documentation provided with that product.

This guide is intended for use by IT professionals who want to join different directory repositories into one unified view. The functionality contained in Sun ONE Meta-Directory allows you to join the different directory information your organization maintains, thus making it easier to view and maintain the information you have spread across different directory and database applications.

Once you understand the concepts described in this guide, you will be ready to install, configure, and administer an Sun ONE Meta-Directory system, as described in the Sun ONE Meta-Directory Installation Guide and the Sun ONE Meta-Directory Administration Guide.

The Sun ONE Meta-Directory Documentation Set

The Sun ONE Meta-Directory documentation set contains the following titles:

Organization of This Guide

Table 1 describes the organization of this book:

Table 1  Layout of This Manual

Chapter Title

Chapter Description


The chapter you are reading, it gives an outline of this guide and describes the Sun ONE Meta-Directory documentation set. It also provides sources for additional information related to Sun ONE Meta-Directory.

Chapter 1, "Meta-Directory Concepts"

This chapter provides a high-level overview that describes the need for Sun ONE Meta-Directory, the components provided with the software package, and the features provided by the components.

Chapter 2, "Planning the Meta-Directory System"

This chapter describes planning your Meta-Directory system. The three phases of planning are described: designing, deploying, and maintaining the system. This includes planning the topology of servers, the structuring of data, server load balancing, and so on.

Chapter 3, "Directory Server Configuration Settings for Meta-Directory"

This chapter discusses configuring the Sun ONE Meta-Directory system (as opposed to configuring the component instances which you instantiate, which is discussed in the Sun ONE Meta-Directory Administration Guide). Included in this chapter are the steps that need to be taken to configure Sun ONE Directory Server so that it can correctly support Meta-Directory, the schemas that need to be installed, enabling the Directory Server change log, and so on.

Chapter 4, "Meta-Directory Performance Tuning"

This chapter discusses some of the approaches you can take to increase the performance of Directory Server with regards to how it interacts with Sun ONE Meta-Directory.

Chapter 5, "Tuning Directory Server"

This chapter provides a guide to the important Sun ONE Directory Server settings a that can effect the performance of Sun ONE Meta-Directory.

Documentation Conventions

In the Sun ONE Meta-Directory documentation (such as this guide) there are certain typographic and terminology conventions used to simplify discussion and to help you better understand the material. These conventions are described below.

Typographic Conventions

This book uses the following typographic conventions:


Below is a list of the general terms that are used in the Sun ONE Meta-Directory documentation set:

Related Third-Party Web Site References



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Where to Find Additional Information

In addition to Sun ONE Meta-Directory documentation set, you should be familiar with the documentation for products that are used in conjunction with it. Of particular interest are the Sun ONE Console and Sun ONE Directory Server documentation sets. This section lists additional sources of information you may find helpful as you use Sun ONE Meta-Directory.

Sun ONE Console Documentation

You can find the Sun ONE Console documentation at the following site:

Sun ONE Directory Server Documentation

You can find the Sun ONE Directory Server documentation at the following site:

Directory Server Developer Information

In addition to the Directory Server documentation, you can find information on Meta-Directory, LDAP, the Sun ONE Directory Server, and associated technologies at the following Sun ONE developer sites:

Other Sun ONE Product Documentation

Documentation for all Sun ONE servers and technologies can be found at the following web site:

Sun ONE Support

Other Useful Sun ONE information can be found at the following Internet locations:

Sun ONE Training

Sun ONE Support information

Sun ONE Product Information

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