Solaris 7 (SPARC Platform Edition) Installation Library

About Using Solaris Web Start With an Install Server

The typical way to install Solaris software on a computer is through the system's CD-ROM drive. However, you can install Solaris over the network instead of from the system's CD-ROM drive.

Doing this involves setting up an install server: a machine on which an image of Solaris software exists. This image can be transferred over the network to other computers, so you can easily perform replicated installations.

The details of setting up an install server and performing network-based installations are beyond the scope of this document (see Solaris Advanced Installation Guide). However, having set up an install server with a Solaris image, you can use Solaris Web Start in conjunction with it.

Getting Started

On the client side, instead of typing boot net to start the network-based installation, type:

# boot net - browser

Note that there are spaces both before and after the hyphen. This command displays Solaris Web Start.

Solaris Web Start Install Server Process

Use Solaris Web Start in the usual way, selecting the desired software and configurations, or accepting the defaults.

Solaris Web Start checks your selections against the image on the install server. If the software you request exists on the install server, it is transferred over the network and installed on the client. If a particular program you requested does not exist on the install server, Solaris Web Start prompts you to supply the appropriate CD-ROM.