Solaris Common Desktop Environment: User's Guide

To Create a Recording

You can record Audio files from a microphone, line-in, or CD source.

  1. Specify recording options.

    See "To Specify Record Options" and "To Specify Input and Output Device Options" for instructions.

  2. Choose New from the File menu or hold down the Control key and press ``n'' with the mouse cursor over the Audio main window.

    If a previous recording has not been saved, you are asked if you want to save it.

  3. Prepare to record.

    Be sure that the selected input device is connected to your computer and ready for transmission, and that the microphone or other input device is on.

  4. Click Record Audio button and start recording.

    Speak, sing, or play into the microphone or start transmission of audio from a line-in or CD source. Recording starts as soon as you click Record Audio unless you have specified Ask me when I start recording in the Options-Record dialog box.

  5. When recording is complete, click the Stop Recording button.

  6. Click Play Audio button to play what you have just recorded.

See "To Save an Audio File or a Recording" for instructions for saving the recording.

Note -

The Record Audio button, which becomes the Stop Recording button during recording, is inactive if a file is open; the button's function is not displayed in the current function area when it is inactive. Similarly, the Play and Go to buttons are inactive when no audio file has been opened or recorded.