Solaris Common Desktop Environment: User's Guide

To Display the Tree View

The tree view shows a folder and the files and folders beneath it.

  1. Change to the folder where you want the tree view to start.

  2. Choose Set View Options from the View menu.

  3. Select By Tree in the Show box.

  4. Select one of the tree view options:

    • Folders only - The tree shows folders only. To view files, double-click a folder name. This is the default view.

    • Folders, then Files - Folders only appear at first. Click the [+] button next to each folder to view its contents. The first click shows subfolders. A second click shows files that are inside. When you click the button a third time, the folder contracts again.

    • Folders and Files - The tree shows both folders and files automatically.

  5. To implement the chosen options and close the Set View Options dialog box, click OK. To implement the chosen options and leave the Set View Options dialog box open, click Apply.