Common Desktop Environment: Help System Author's and Programmer's Guide


<lablist [loose | tight][wrap | nowrap]>
[ <labheads>  \Heading 1 \  Heading 2 ]
 \label\ text for the first item
 \label\ text for the second item



Default. Requests a vertical gap between the items in the list.


Requests no extra vertical space between items in the list.


Default. Allows long labels to wrap to multiple lines.


Prevents labels from wrapping to multiple lines.

Backslashes (\) indicate the start and end of a label; leading and trailing spaces are ignored. Long labels are broken into multiple lines unless nowrap is used. The predefined character entity, (&sigspace;), can be used to insert a nonbreaking space into a label.

The text of the labeled item follows the second backslash, either on the same line or on the following line. The end of the item is indicated by one of the following:

If a labeled item consists of more than one paragraph, leave an empty line between the paragraphs. The end of the labeled list is indicated by the required <\lablist> end tag.

The optional column headings, one for each column, immediately follow the <labheads> tag (on the same line). The column headings are separated from one another by the \ (backslash). The <\labheads> end tag is not required. However, the <lablist> end tag is required.