Platform Notes: Using luxadm Software

Specifying the Enclosure Name

For the StorEdge A5000 disk array, you can select a device or interface board using the world wide name (WWN) instead of the path name. The WWN is a unique 16-digit hexadecimal value that specifies either the port used to access the device or the device itself. A typical WWN value is 2200002037000f96.

You can also specify the name of the StorEdge A5000 disk array and an identifier for the particular device in the enclosure. A device in a StorEdge A5000 disk array is identified as follows:



Table 1-1 Addressing a StorEdge A5000 Disk Array by Enclosure Name




is the name of the StorEdge A5000 enclosure, as specified by the enclosure_name subcommand 

f or r

specifies the front or rear slots in the StorEdge A5000 enclosure 


is the slot number in the StorEdge A5000 enclosure, either 0-6 or 0-10 

When addressing the StorEdge A5000 disk array, the path name or enclosure name specifies the StorEdge A5000 IB.