Platform Notes: Using luxadm Software

Downloading fcode to FC100 Host Adapters (fcal_s_download)

Use the fcal_s_download subcommand to download new fcode into all the FC100/S SBus or FC100/P PCI host adapters or to display the current version of the fcode in each host adapter. (This is the 100-MHz host adapter card which connects to StorEdge A5000 disk arrays.)

The fcal_s_download subcommand is interactive and waits for user confirmation before downloading the fcode.

Supported on:

Caution - Caution -

Ensure that you download the /usr/lib/firmware/fc_s/fcal_s_fcode file.

Caution - Caution -

Do not attempt to download fcode to a FC100/S SBus Card that is in your boot path. Boot from another device, such as a CDROM, and then download the fcode.

luxadm [ -v ] fcal_s_download [ -f fcode-file ]

Table 2-12 fcal_s_download Options



-f fcode-file

This is the name of the file that has the new fcode. If you invoke the fcal_s_download subcommand without the [ -f fcode-file ] option, the current version of the fcode in each FC100/S SBus card is displayed. The version of the FC100/S SBus Cards fcode released with the operating system is located in the directory usr/lib/firmware/fc_s and is named fcal_s_fcode.