Solaris 7 Sun Hardware Platform Guide

Installing SunFDDI Drivers

To install SunFDDI, follow these steps:

  1. Start CDE or OpenWindows.

  2. Insert the Supplement CD into your CD-ROM drive.

    The File Manager window is displayed.

  3. Open a command window and become superuser using the su command and superuser password.

  4. Enter the swmtool command at the # prompt:

    # /usr/sbin/swmtool

    The Admintool:Software window is displayed.

  5. Select Add from the Edit Menu.

    The Admintool:Set Source Media window is displayed.

  6. Type:

    # cd /cdrom/cdrom0/Product

    The Admintool:Add Software window is displayed.

  7. In the Admintool:Add Software window, select either SunFDDI PCI Driver Software 2.0 or SunFDDI Sbus Driver Software 6.0, whichever is appropriate for your system.

  8. Click Add.

    The installation process should take a few minutes.

  9. Quit Admintool.

    Note -

    For more infornation about the SunFDDI Drivers, refer to Platform Notes: SunFDDI Drivers.