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Sun Ray Server Software 4.1 Installation and Configuration Guide for Linux






1. Overview

Media Formats

Installation Flow Chart

Network Configuration Flow Chart

2. Preparing for Installation

Hardware Requirements

Disk Space

Software Requirements

Java Runtime Environment (JRE)

Client vs. Server Java Virtual Machine (JVM)

Linux Operating System Versions

SuSE Linux Enterprise Server (SLES) 10

Red Hat Enterprise Linux Advanced Server (RHEL AS) 5 Update 1

Sun Ray Admin GUI Web Server Requirements

procedure iconsmall spaceTo Install Apache Tomcat

Web Browser Requirements

Sun Ray Data Store Port Requirements

3. Installation

procedure iconsmall spaceInstall Sun Ray Server Software

4. Preparing to Upgrade Sun Ray Server Software


Failover Groups

procedure iconsmall spaceDisconnect the Sun Ray Server From the Interconnect

Preserving Configuration Data

procedure iconsmall spacePreserve the Sun Ray Server Configuration

Unconfiguring the Sun Ray Server

procedure iconsmall spaceUnconfigure Sun Ray Server Software

Removing the Software

procedure iconsmall spaceRemove Sun Ray Server Software

5. Upgrading

Upgrading the Sun Ray Server

procedure iconsmall spaceUpgrade the Sun Ray Server

6. Preparing for Configuration

Configuration Tasks

Configuration Worksheets

Basic Network Topology

7. Configuration

Configuring the Sun Ray Server

procedure iconsmall spaceConfigure a Dedicated Sun Ray Interconnect Interface

procedure iconsmall spaceConfigure the Sun Ray Server on a LAN

procedure iconsmall spaceTurn the Sun Ray LAN Connection On or Off

procedure iconsmall spaceConfigure Sun Ray Server Software

procedure iconsmall spaceConfigure the Sun Ray Server Hierarchy

procedure iconsmall spaceSynchronize Primary and Secondary Sun Ray Servers

procedure iconsmall spaceSynchronize the Sun Ray DTU Firmware

procedure iconsmall spaceReboot the Sun Ray Server

A. Additional Information

Modified System Files

utinstall Error Messages