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Sun Java System Portal Server 6 2005Q4 Deployment Planning Guide 


This Administration Guide explains how to plan for and deploy Sun Java™ System Portal Server 6 2005Q4 software. Portal Server Secure Remote Access provides a platform to create portals for your organization’s integrated data, knowledge management, and applications. The Portal Server platform offers a complete infrastructure solution for building and deploying all types of portals, including business-to-business, business-to-employee, and business-to-consumer.

Before You Read This Book

Portal Server Secure Remote Access is a component of Sun Java Enterprise System, a software infrastructure that supports enterprise applications distributed across a network or Internet environment. You should be familiar with the documentation provided with Sun Java Enterprise System, which can be accessed online at

Who Should Read This Book

This Administration Guide is intended for use by those responsible for deploying Portal Server at your site.

Before you deploy Portal Server, you must be familiar with the following technologies:

How This Book Is Organized

Chapters 1 through 5 provide information on Portal Server Secure Remote Access deployment. The following table summarizes the content of this book.



Chapter 1, "Portal Server Architecture"

This chapter describes types of portals servers, Sun Java System Portal Server in open and secure mode, the Portal Server components.

Chapter 2, "Portal Server Secure Remote Access Architecture"

This chapter describes the Portal Server Secure Remote Access architecture, including the key components of Secure Remote Access with respect to their role in providing secure remote access to corporate intranet resources from outside the intranet.

Chapter 3, "Identifying and Evaluating Your Business and Technical Requirements"

This chapter describes how to analyze your organization’s needs and requirements that lead to designing your portal deployment.

Chapter 4, "Pre-Deployment Considerations"

This chapter describes how to establish a baseline sizing figure for your portal. With a baseline figure established, you can then refine that figure to account for scalability, high availability, reliability, and good performance.

Chapter 5, "Creating Your Portal Design"

This chapter describes how to create your high-level and low-level portal design and provides information on creating specific sections of your design plan.

Chapter 6, "The Production Environment"

This chapter describes how to tune and monitor your portal.

Appendix A, "Installed Product Layout"

This appendix describes the directories and configuration files for Portal Server and Sun Java System Portal Server Secure Remote Access (SRA).

Appendix B, "Analysis Tools"

This appendix describes analysis tools for tuning the operating system.


Appendix C, "Portal Server and Application Servers"

This appendix describes the support for application servers.


Appendix D, "Troubleshooting Your Portal Deployment"

This appendix describes how to troubleshoot the Portal Server software and the Portal Server Secure Remote Access (SRA) product.

Appendix E, "Portal Deployment Worksheets"

This appendix provides various worksheets to help in the deployment process.

Appendix F, "Portal Server on the Linux Platform"

This appendix contains notes on running Portal Server on a Linux platform.




Conventions Used in This Book

The tables in this section describe the conventions used in this book.

Typographic Conventions

The following table describes the typographic conventions used in this book

Table 1  Typographical Conventions.





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% You have mail.

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% su


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Read Chapter 6 in the User’s Guide.

These are called class options.

Do not save the file.

The file is located in the install-dir/bin directory.

Related Documentation

The web site enables you to access Sun technical documentation online. You can browse the archive or search for a specific book title or subject.

Books in This Documentation Set

The following table summarizes the books included in the Portal Server Secure Remote Access core documentation set.

Book Title


Portal Server Administration Guide

Describes how to administer Portal Server 6 using the Access Manager administration console and the command line.

Portal Server Secure Remote Access Administration Guide

Describes how to administer Portal Server 6 Secure Remote Access.

Portal Server Release Notes

Available after the product is released. Contains last-minute information, including a description of what is new in this current release, known problems and limitations, installation notes, and how to report issues with the software or the documentation.

Portal Server Technical Reference Guide

Provides detailed information on the Portal Server technical concepts (such as Display Profile, Rewriter), command line utilities, tag libraries (in the software), and files (such as templates and JSPs). This guide serves as a single source for such essential background information.


Other Portal Server Documentation

Other Portal Server books include:

Other Server Documentation

For other server documentation, go to the following:

Accessing Sun Resources Online

For product downloads, professional services, patches and support, and additional developer information, go to the following:

Contacting Sun Technical Support

If you have technical questions about this product that are not answered in the product documentation, go to

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