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Sun Java System Portal Server 6 2005Q4 Deployment Planning Guide 

List of Tables

Table 1 Typographical Conventions.
Table 3-1 Identity Management Features and Benefits
Table 3-2 SRA Features and Benefits
Table 3-3 Search Features and Benefits
Table 3-4 Personalization Features and Benefits
Table 3-5 Aggregation Features and Benefits
Table 5-1 Portal Server High Availability Scenarios
Table 5-2 Use Case: Authenticate Portal User
Table A-1 Portal Server Directories
Table A-2 Portal Server, SRA Directories
Table B-1 Performance Analysis Tools
Table B-2 /etc/system Options
Table B-3 TCP/IP Options
Table E-1 General Questions
Table E-2 Organizational Questions
Table E-3 Business Service-level Expectations Questions
Table E-4 Content Management Questions
Table E-5 User Management and Security Questions
Table E-6 Business Intelligence Questions
Table E-7 Architecture Questions
Table E-8 Design Task List
Table F-1 Comparison of Solaris and Linux Path Names

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