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Sun Java System Portal Server Mobile Access 7 Administration Guide 

Chapter 3
Configuring Mobile Authentication

Portal Server Mobile Access software supports the authentication modules provided by Sun Java System Portal Server software. This chapter describes three authentication modules that can be useful to portal sites offering mobile access:

NoPassword Authentication

If your site specifications require it, you can allow users to log in to the mobile Portal Desktop without being prompted for a userID.

To Enable the NoPassword Module

  1. Log in to the Sun Java System Access Manager administration console as the administrator.
  2. By default, Identity Management is selected in the Header frame and Organizations is selected in the Navigation frame.

  3. Click the Service Configuration tab.
  4. In the Navigation frame on the left, click the arrow for Core under Access Manager Configuration.
  5. The Core attributes page displays in the Data frame on the right.

  6. In the Pluggable Authentication Module Classes text box, type in the following:
  7. com.sun.identity.authentication.modules.nopassword.NoPassword

  8. Click Add and verify that the new class appears in the list.
  9. Click Save.
  10. Scroll down to the Organization Authentication Modules list and verify that NoPassword is now present.
  11. Click the Identity Management tab in the Header frame.
  12. From the View field in the Navigation frame, click Services.
  13. In the Navigation frame on the left, click the arrow for Core under Access Manager Configuration.
  14. From the Organization Authentication Modules field, click NoPassword and the other authentication modules you use.


    To select more than one module, press and hold the shift key when you click.

  15. Click the Save button.
  16. Verify that the modules you selected are highlighted.

Once NoPassword is enabled, users can bypass the password prompt by using the following URL to log in:


Although NoPassword is enabled in the administration console, the module is not displayed in the list of available modules during user login when authlevel=0 is the authentication level setting. To verify this, go to:


For details about accessing authentication modules with specific authentication levels, See the Sun Java™ System Access Manager 7 2005Q4 Administration Guide.

Anonymous Authentication

If you want a user to access your portal site to explore what the experience of an authenticated user is, you can allow users to log in to the mobile Portal Desktop as anonymous users.

This feature presents a snapshot of the mobile and voice Portal Desktop of a user with an authenticated session.


Anonymous users cannot change, store, or alter the content or configuration of channels with stateful data. If you support anonymous authentication, make sure that these channels are not available to these users.

To implement anonymous authentication, see the Sun Java™ System Portal Server 7 Administration Guide.

The Portal Desktop for anonymous authentication uses the WirelessDesktopDispatcher as well as device-specific containers for both JavaServer Pages™ (JSP™) software and templates. All channels to be displayed to the anonymous user must be included in these containers, just as they are for authenticated users.


To support a new device that may need a client-specific mobile or voice Portal Desktop for an anonymous user, do the following:

  1. Create the appropriate device-specific container.
  2. Alter the WirelessDesktopDispatcher in the anonymous user’s display profile to use the new container for that particular device type.

MSISDN Authentication

The users of an organization can be confiured to authenticate using MSISDN - Mobile Station ISDN, a standard international telephone number used to identify a given subscriber. This allows the users to log into the mobile portal desktop without the user passing authentication credentials.

This feature limits the format of the login URL. We recomend the following format for the URL:

http://<access-manager-host>:<port>/<service-deploy-URI>/UI/Login?module=M SISDN&org=<org__name>

To implement MSISDN authentication and how to configure it, see the Sun Java™ System Access Manager 7 2005Q4 Administration Guide.

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