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Oralce Solaris Cluster Data Service for WebSphere MQ Guide
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1.  Installing and Configuring Solaris Cluster HA for WebSphere MQ

A.  Deployment Example: Installing a WebSphere MQ Queue Manager in Non-Global Zones

B.  Deployment Example: Installing aWebSphere MQ Queue Manager in an HA Container

Target Cluster Configuration

Software Configuration


Installing and Configuring WebSphere MQ in an HA Container

Example: Prepare the Cluster for WebSphere MQ

Example: Configure the HA Container

Example: Install WebSphere MQ in the HA Container

Example: Verify WebSphere MQ

Example: Configure Cluster Resources for WebSphere MQ

Example: Enable the WebSphere MQ Software to Run in the Cluster

Example: Verify the HA for WebSphere MQ resource group

Example: Creating Multiple Instances


Example: Install WebSphere MQ in the HA Container

  1. Mount the WebSphere MQ software in the zones.

    In this example, the WebSphere MQ software has been copied to node Vigor5 in directory /export/software/ibm/wmqsv6.

    Vigor5# zlogin z3 mkdir -p /var/tmp/software
    Vigor5# mount -F lofs /export/software /FOZzones/z3/root/var/tmp/software
  2. Mount the ZFS pools in the zone.
    Vigor5# zpool export -f HAZpool1
    Vigor5# zpool export -f HAZpool2
    Vigor5# zpool import -R /FOZones/z3/root HAZpool1
    Vigor5# zpool import -R /FOZones/z3/root HAZpool2
  3. Setup the ZFS file systems for user and group mqm
    Vigor5# zlogin z3 chown -R mqm:mqm /ZFSwmq3
  4. Login to the HA container in a separate window.
    Vigor5# zlogin z3
  5. Install the WebSphere MQ software in the HA container.

    Perform this step within each new window you used to login to the zone.

    # cd /var/tmp/softwareibm/wmqsv6
    # ./
    # pkgadd -d .
    # exit