Sun OpenSSO Enterprise 8.0 Installation and Configuration Guide

ProcedureTo Install the OpenSSO Enterprise Client SDK

Before You Begin
  1. On the server where you plan to deploy the Client SDK, copy the to a staging directory.

  2. In the directory from Step 1, unzip the file.

    The following table describes the layout after you unzip the file. The directory where you unzip the file is represented by opensso-client-zip-root.

    opensso-client-zip-root Directory



    Client SDK CLI-based samples, which you can run in a standalone JVM outside of a web container:  

    • /source contains the source files that require compilation.

    • /scripts contains the scripts to compile and run the samples.

    • /resources contains the properties files required to run the samples.

    • /lib contains the JAR files required by the Client SDK.

    • /classes contains the compiled classes from the source files.


    Client SDK WAR files, which include the web-based client samples: 

    • opensso-client-jdk15.war is for web containers running JDK 1.5 or later

    • opensso-client-jdk14.war is for web containers running JDK 1.4.x

    Deploy these files using the web container administration console or command-line utility.