Provides interface to manage liberty discovery service.


Class Summary
Description The class Description represents a Description Type of a service instance.
Directive The class Directive represents a discovery service DirectiveType element.
DiscoveryClient The class DiscoveryClient provides methods to send Discovery Service query and modify.
EncryptedResourceID The class EncryptedResourceID represents an Encryption Resource ID element for the Discovery Service.
InsertEntry The class InsertEntry represents a Insert Entry for Discovery Modify request.
Modify This class represents a discovery modify request.
ModifyResponse The class ModifyResponse represents a discovery response for modify request.
Query The class Query represents a discovery Query object.
QueryResponse The class QueryResponse represents a response for a discovery query request.
RemoveEntry The class RemoveEntry represents a remove entry element for the discovery modify request.
RequestedService The class RequestedService enables the requester to specify that all the resource offerings returned must be offered via a service instance complying with one of the specified service type.
ResourceID The class ResourceID represents a discovery service resource ID.
ResourceOffering The class ResourceOffering associates a resource with a service instance that provides access to that resource.
ServiceInstance The class ServiceInstance describes a web service at a distinct protocol endpoint.

Exception Summary
DiscoveryException This class is an extension point for all Discovery Service related exceptions.

Package Description

Provides interface to manage liberty discovery service.