Packages This package contains interfaces and implementation for User/Identity Management.
com.iplanet.sso This package contains classes fro accessing the Single Sign On service and representing a SSOToken(Single Sign On) which contains the information related to session.
com.sun.identity.authentication Provides interfaces and classes for writing a Remote Java client application to authenticate into OpenSSO.
com.sun.identity.authentication.spi Provides interfaces and classes for writing a supplemental authentication module to plug into OpenSSO.
com.sun.identity.federation.accountmgmt Defines Federation Account Management API.
com.sun.identity.federation.common Defines Federation Common Utils.
com.sun.identity.federation.message Defines federation protocol message classes.
com.sun.identity.federation.message.common Defines common classes used by federation protocol messages.
com.sun.identity.federation.plugins Defines Federation Adapter for Service Provider. Handles ID-FF federation profiles.
com.sun.identity.idm Provides classes for accessing the Identity Repository interfaces. Provides classes to manage liberty authentication service. Defines interface to handle different SASL mechanisms. Provides classes to manage liberty authentication service protocol. Defines common classes used by liberty service components. Provides interface for Web Service Security X.509 Certificate Token Profile. Provides interface to manage liberty discovery service. Defines plugin interface for Liberty Discovery Service implementation. Defines DST. Defines DST service. Defines IDPP plugin. Defines Interaction service. Defines Interaction service. Reverse SOAP Binding classes. Provides interface to manage liberty security Provides classes to manage Liberty SOAP Binding.
com.sun.identity.log Provides the classes and interfaces of core logging and auditing facilities.
com.sun.identity.log.spi Provides means for plugging in support for authorization and other security related aspects of logging.
com.sun.identity.plugin.configuration Contains configuration SPI.
com.sun.identity.plugin.datastore Contains data store plugin SPIs.
com.sun.identity.plugin.log Contains Log SPI.
com.sun.identity.plugin.session Contains session SPI.
com.sun.identity.policy Provides classes for policy administration and evaluation.
com.sun.identity.policy.client Provides classes necessary for a remote client to evaluate policy decisions.
com.sun.identity.policy.interfaces Provides interfaces for writing custom Policy plugins for Conditons, Subjects, Referrals ResponseProviders and Resources.
com.sun.identity.policy.jaas Provides classes for performing policy evaluation against OpenSSO using JAAS (Java Authentication and Authorization) framework.
com.sun.identity.sae.api Defines Secure Attribute Exchange (SAE) APIs.
com.sun.identity.saml Defines SAML Assertion Manager and SAML Client APIs.
com.sun.identity.saml.assertion Defines SAML assertion.
com.sun.identity.saml.common Defines common SAML 1.x utilities and constants.
com.sun.identity.saml.plugins SAML 1.x Plugins.
com.sun.identity.saml.protocol SAML 1.x Protocol Classes.
com.sun.identity.saml2.assertion Defines SAMLv2 assertion.
com.sun.identity.saml2.common Defines common SAMLv2 utilities and constants.
com.sun.identity.saml2.plugins Defines SAMLv2 Plugin SPIs.
com.sun.identity.saml2.profile Package that handles SAML v2 profiles.
com.sun.identity.saml2.protocol SAMLv2 Protocol Classes.
com.sun.identity.wsfederation.common Defines common WS-Federation utilities and constants.
com.sun.identity.wsfederation.plugins Defines WS-Federation Plugin SPIs
com.sun.identity.wss.provider Defines Web Services provider classes. Defines Web Services Security Token specification and Token interfaces with their respective implementation classes for different WS-* Security Tokens.
com.sun.identity.wss.sts Defines STS client API and end user token conversion interface (SPI) classes.
com.sun.identity.xacml.common Defines common XACML Utilities and Constants
com.sun.identity.xacml.context Defines XACML2 context classes
com.sun.identity.xacml.saml2 Defines XACML interfaces for SAMLv2
com.sun.liberty Provides interfaces for Liberty federation framework.