Package com.sun.identity.saml2.assertion

Defines SAMLv2 assertion.


Interface Summary
Action The Action element specifies an action on the specified resource for which permission is sought.
Advice The Advice contains any additional information that the SAML authority wishes to provide.
Assertion The Assertion element is a package of information that supplies one or more Statement made by an issuer.
AssertionIDRef This class represents the AssertionIDRef element.
Attribute The Attribute element identifies an attribute by name and optionally includes its value(s).
AttributeStatement The AttributeStatement element describes a statement by the SAML authority asserting that the assertion subject is associated with the specified attributes.
AudienceRestriction The AudienceRestriction specifies that the assertion is addressed to one or more specific Audiences.
AuthnContext The AuthnContext element specifies the context of an authentication event.
AuthnStatement The AuthnStatement element describes a statement by the SAML authority asserting that the assertion subject was authenticated by a particular means at a particular time.
AuthzDecisionStatement The AuthzDecisionStatement element describes a statement by the SAML authority asserting that a request for access by the assertion subject tot he specified resource has resulted in the specified authorization decision on the basis of some optionally specified evidence.
BaseID The BaseID is an extension point that allows applications to add new kinds of identifiers.
BaseIDAbstract The BaseIDAbstract is an abstract type usable only as the base of a derived type.
Condition The Condition serves as an extension point for new conditions.
ConditionAbstract The ConditionAbstract is abstract and is thus usable as the base of a derived class
Conditions The Conditions defines the SAML constructs that place constraints on the acceptable use if SAML Assertions.
EncryptedAssertion The EncryptedAssertion represents an assertion in encrypted fashion, as defined by the XML Encryption Syntax and Processing specification [XMLEnc].
EncryptedAttribute The EncryptedAttribute element represents a SAML attribute in encrypted fashion.
EncryptedElement The EncryptedElement carries the content of an unencrypted identifier in encrypted fasion.
EncryptedID The EncryptedID carries the content of an unencrypted identifier in encrypted fasion.
Evidence The Evidence element contains one or more assertions or assertion references that the SAML authority relied on in issuing the authorization decision.
Issuer The Issuer provides information about the issuer of a SAML assertion or protocol message.
KeyInfoConfirmationData The KeyInfoConfirmationData constrains a SubjectConfirmationData element to contain one or more ds:KeyInfo elements that identify cryptographic keys that are used in some way to authenticate an attesting entity.
NameID The NameID is used in various SAML assertion constructs such as Subject and SubjectConfirmation elements, and in various protocol messages.
NameIDType The NameIDType is used when an element serves to represent an entity by a string-valued name.
OneTimeUse The OneTimeUse indicates that the assertion should be used immediately by the relying party and must not be retained for future use.
ProxyRestriction The ProxyRestriction specifies limitations that the asserting party imposes on relying parties that in turn wish to act as asserting parties and issue subsequent assertions of their own on the basis of the information contained in the original assertion.
Statement The Statement element is an extension point that allows other assertion-based applications to reuse the SAML assertion framework.
Subject The Subject specifies the principal that is the subject of all of the statements in the assertion.
SubjectConfirmation The SubjectConfirmation provides the means for a relying party to verify the correspondence of the subject of the assertion with the party with whom the relying party is communicating.
SubjectConfirmationData The SubjectConfirmationData specifies additional data that allows the subject to be confirmed or constrains the circumstances under which the act of subject confirmation can take place.
SubjectLocality The SubjectLocality element specifies the DNS domain name and IP address for the system entity that performed the authentication.

Class Summary
AssertionFactory This is the factory class to obtain instances of the objects defined in assertion schema.

Package com.sun.identity.saml2.assertion Description

Defines SAMLv2 assertion.