Provides interface to manage liberty security


Interface Summary
SecurityAttributePlugin This interface SecurityAttributePlugin is used to insert security attributes via the AttributeStatement into the SecurityAssertion during the discovery service credential generation.
SecurityTokenProvider The class SecurityTokenProvider is a provider interface for managing WSS security tokens.

Class Summary
ProxySubject The ProxySubject class represents the identity of a proxy, the confirmation key and confirmation obligation the proxy must posess and demonstrate for authentication purpose.
ResourceAccessStatement The ResourceAccessStatement class conveys information regarding the accessing entities and the resource for which access is being attempted.
SecurityAssertion The SecurityAssertion class provides an extension to Assertion class to support ID-WSF ResourceAccessStatement and SessionContextStatement.
SecurityTokenManager The class SecurityTokenManager is a final class that provides interfaces to manage Web Service Security (WSS) Tokens.
SessionContext The SessionContext class represents session status of an entity to another system entity.
SessionContextStatement The SessionContextStatement element conveys session status of an entity to another system entity within the body of an <saml:assertion> element.
SessionSubject The SessionSubject class represents a liberty subject with associated session status.

Exception Summary
SecurityTokenException This class is an extension point for all security authority related exceptions.

Package Description

Provides interface to manage liberty security