Package com.sun.identity.wsfederation.plugins

Defines WS-Federation Plugin SPIs


Interface Summary
IDPAccountMapper The interface IDPAccountMapper is used to map the local identities to the SAML protocol objects and also the vice versa for some of the protocols for e.g.
IDPAttributeMapper This interface IDPAttributeMapper is used to map the authenticated user configured attributes to SAML Attributes so that the SAML framework may insert these attribute information as SAML AttributeStatements in SAML Assertion.
IDPAuthenticationMethodMapper The interface IDPAuthenticationMethodMapper creates an IDPAuthenticationTypeInfo based on the RequestAuthnContext from the AuthnRequest sent by a Service Provider and the AuthnContext configuration at the IDP entity config.
SPAccountMapper The class PartnerAccountMapper is an interface that is implemented to map partner account to user account in OpenSSO.
SPAttributeMapper This interface SPAttributeMapper is used to map the SAML Attributes to the local user attributes.

Class Summary
IDPAuthenticationTypeInfo The class IDPAuthenticationTypeInfo consists of the mapping between AuthenticationType and the actual authentication mechanism at the Identity Provider.

Package com.sun.identity.wsfederation.plugins Description

Defines WS-Federation Plugin SPIs