Package com.sun.identity.wss.provider

Defines Web Services provider classes.


Class Summary
DiscoveryConfig This abstract class DiscoveryConfig represents the configuration of a Discovery client entity.
ProviderConfig This abstract class ProviderConfig represents the Web Services Server provider or the Web Services Client provider configuration.
TrustAuthorityConfig This abstract class TrustAuthorityConfig represents the configuration of a Trusted Authority entity.

Exception Summary
ProviderException This class ProviderException represents the Exception that can be thrown for any errors in accessing any provider configuration (Web Services Client, Web Services Provider, STS client or Discovery client).

Package com.sun.identity.wss.provider Description

Defines Web Services provider classes. These classes include abstract classes for implementing provider configuration for Web Service Client, Web Service Provider, Security Token Service client and Liberty Discovery client entities in order to identity each of them with their unique configuration. This configuration would be attribute / value pairs.