System Administration Guide: IP Services

Modifying IP Addresses in the DHCP Service

After you add IP addresses to the DHCP service, you can modify any of the properties described in Table 10–2 by using DHCP Manager or the pntadm -M command. See the pntadm man page for more information about pntadm -M.

The following figure shows the Address Properties dialog box that you use to modify IP address properties.

Figure 10–10 Address Properties Dialog Box

Address tab with fields called IP Address, Client Name, Owned by Server, and Comment. Also shows Configuration Macro with pull-down list.

The following figure shows the Modify Multiple Addresses dialog box that you use to modify multiple IP addresses.

Figure 10–11 Modify Multiple Addresses Dialog Box

Dialog box shows pull-down lists labeled Managing Server and Configuration Macro. Shows selections for BOOTP, Unusable addresses, and Lease Type.