IPv6 Administration Guide

How to Configure a Solaris IPv6 Router

  1. Become superuser on the system that acts as a router.

  2. Edit the file /etc/inet/ndpd.conf with subnet prefixes by adding one or more of the following entries.

    See the in.ndpd(1M) man page for a list of variables and allowable values. For more information about the ndpd.conf file, see the ndpd.conf(4) man page.

    1. Add entries that specify router behavior for all interfaces.

      ifdefault variable value
    2. Add entries that specify the default behavior of prefix advertisement.

      prefixdefault variable value
    3. Add sets per interface parameter entries.

      if interface variable value
    4. Add advertisements for each entry for interface prefix information.

      prefix prefix/length interface variable value
  3. Reboot the system.

Note –

Neighbor discovery (in.ndpd) relays the subnet address prefixes of the hosts to the hosts. Also, the next generation RIP routing protocol (in.ripngd) runs automatically.

Example—ndpd.conf Router Configuration File

# Send router advertisements out all NICs
ifdefault AdvSendAdvertisements on
# Advertise a global prefix and a 
# site local prefix on three interfaces.
# 0x9255 = 146.85
prefix 2:0:0:9255::0/64	 	hme0
prefix fec0:0:0:9255::0/64 	hme0
# 0x9256 = 146.86
prefix 2:0:0:9256::0/64 	hme1
prefix fec0:0:0:9256::0/64	hme1
# 0x9259 = 146.89
prefix 2:0:0:9259::0/64		hme2
prefix fec0:0:0:9259::0/64	hme2