IPv6 Administration Guide

How to Enable IPv6 on a Node

  1. Become superuser on the system where you want to enable IPv6.

  2. On a command line, type the following for each interface.

    # touch /etc/hostname6.interface


    Interface name, such as le0, le1.

  3. Reboot.

    Note –

    The reboot process sends out router discovery packets. The router responds with a prefix. The response enables the node to configure the interfaces with an IP address. Rebooting also restarts key network daemons in IPv6 mode.

  4. On a command line, display the IPv6 addresses.

    # ifconfig -a6

    To show both IPv4 and IPv6 addresses, just use the -a option.

  5. Add the IPv6 address to the appropriate name service as follows: