Solaris 9 Installation Guide

To Install a Solaris Flash Archive on a Boot Environment (Character Interface)

  1. From the Solaris Live Upgrade main menu, select Flash.

    The Flash an Inactive Boot Environment menu is displayed.

  2. Type the name of the boot environment where you want to install the Solaris Flash archive and the location of the installation media:

    Name of Boot Environment: solaris_9
    Package media: /net/install-svr/export/s9/latest
  3. Press F1 to add an archive.

    An Archive Selection submenu displays an empty list, the name of a single archive, or a list of a number of archives.

    You can add and remove archives from the list. The following example shows an empty list.

    Location            - Retrieval Method
    <No Archives added> - Select ADD to add archives
    • To install the list with no changes, proceed to Step 4.

    • If the Solaris Flash archives list is empty or contains an archive that you do not want to install, proceed to Step a.

    1. You can add or remove archives.

      • Press F1 to add an archive to the list. Proceed to Step b.

        A Select Retrieval Method submenu is displayed.

        Local File
        Local Tape
        Local Device
      • Press F2 to remove an archive from the list. Proceed to Step e.

    2. On the Select Retrieval Method menu, select the location of the Solaris Flash archive.

      Media Selected 



      Specify the URL and proxy information that is needed to access the Solaris Flash archive. 


      Specify the path to the network file system where the Solaris Flash archive is located. You can also specify the archive file name. 

      Local file 

      Specify the path to the local file system where the Solaris Flash archive is located. 

      Local tape 

      Specify the local tape device and the position on the tape where the Solaris Flash archive is located. 

      Local device 

      Specify the local device, the path to the Solaris Flash archive, and the type of file system on which the Solaris Flash archive is located.  

      A Retrieval submenu is displayed, similar to the following example, which depends on the media you selected.

      NFS Location: 
    3. Type the path to the archive, as in the following example.

      NFS Location: host:/path/to archive.flar
    4. Press F3 to add the archive to the list.

    5. When the list contains the archives that you want to install, press F6 to exit.

  4. Press F3 to install one or more archives.

    The Solaris Flash archive is installed on the boot environment. All files on the boot environment are overwritten, except for shareable files.

    The boot environment is ready for activation. See To Activate a Boot Environment (Character Interface).