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Sun Fire X4470 Server Installation Guide for Virtual Machine Software

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Part I Virtual Machine Software Installation

1.  Getting Started

Supported Virtual Machine Software

VM Software Installation Prerequisites

VM Software Installation Task Overview

2.  Installing Oracle VM

3.  Installing VMware ESX or ESXi

Part II Virtual Machine System Administrator References

A.  Supported Installation Methods

B.  Supported Operating Systems

C.  BIOS Defaults for New Installations


Chapter 1

Getting Started

This chapter describes how to get started installing a supported version of the virtual machine software on your server.

Topics discussed in this chapter include:

Supported Virtual Machine Software

The Sun Fire X4470 Server supports the following virtual machine (VM) software.

VM Software
Minimum Supported Edition
Oracle VM
Release 2.2.1
VMware ESX
Release 4.0 Update 1
VMware ESXi
Release 4.0 Update 1

For a complete and updated list of all the supported operating systems on Sun Fire X4470 Server, go to the Sun Server X4470 Server web site and navigate to the Operating System link:


VM Software Installation Prerequisites

Refer to the following important considerations before beginning the VM software installation on your server.

VM Software Installation Considerations  
For more information, see:
Server is set up and operational.
The server is mounted and powered-on in the rack and communication to the SP has been established.
  • Sun Fire X4470 Server Installation Guide (821-0332)
Established deployment method that enables you to boot the VM software install program
Guidelines for selecting a local or remote deployment method for installing VM software.
Oracle VM installation hardware requirements
Oracle VM requires two systems with static IP addresses.
  • One system to install the Oracle Virtual Machine Server.

  • One system for Oracle Virtual Machine Manager with one of the following Linux operating systems installed:

    - Oracle Enterprise Linux Release 4.5 or subsequent release

    - Red Hat Enterprise Linux Release 4 or subsequent release

RAID volume requirements
If you want to include your boot drive as part of a RAID configuration, you need to configure a RAID volume on it. Use the LSI integrated RAID controller setup utility before you install VMware.
Verification of BIOS settings for new OS installations
Prior to installing the VM software, you should verify that the BIOS factory-default properties are set.
Access to late-breaking information and updates for OS installations
Review the Sun Fire X4470 Server Product Notes and the VM software release notes for late-breaking information about supported software and updates.

VM Software Installation Task Overview

To install the virtual machine software, complete the following procedures in order:

  1. Gather the media for installing the VM software.

    Note - You can use the VM software ISO image for remote installation or for creating an installation CD or DVD.

  2. Choose and set up an installation method for deploying the installation of the VM software as described in Appendix A, Supported Installation Methods.

  3. Follow the instruction for installing the VM software as described in the following sections:

  4. Review and perform the applicable post installation tasks as described in the following sections: