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Terminal Emulator Attribute Maps

Terminal emulator attribute maps let you change how character attributes such as bold or underline are displayed in the SGD terminal emulators. For example, you can specify that text that normally appears bold and underlined appears red in the SGD terminal emulators (but not red and bold and underlined).

SGD provides a default attribute map /opt/tarantella/etc/data/attrmap.txt. This maps character attributes to the logical color Color_15 (white). You can also create your own attribute map.

Creating Your Own Attribute Map

To create your own attribute map:

  1. As superuser (root), create a copy of /opt/tarantella/etc/data/attrmap.txt to work on.
  2. Edit the new file so that character attributes map to your chosen colors.
  3. Use the name of the file for the application object's Attribute Map attribute.

How You Edit Character Attributes

The SGD attribute maps let you map the following attributes:

To map combinations of attributes, separate the attributes with the plus sign +, for example Bold+Underline.

To display colors in the terminal emulators, SGD maps logical colors to RGB values. For example, the logical color Color_9 maps to the RGB value 128 0 0 (red).

When mapping attributes to colors in your attribute map, specify the logical color name. For example:

For a complete list of logical color to RGB value mappings, refer to the comments in attrmap.txt.

You can change the default color mappings by editing the color map used by the terminal emulators.

Note Wyse 60 terminals are black and white. However, you can use the SGD Wyse 60 terminal emulator to display colors in your Wyse 60 applications. You can do this by using the attribute map to map character attributes in the Wyse 60 application to colors.

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