Sun Java System Connector for Microsoft Outlook 7 2005Q4 User's Guide

ProcedureTo Start the Setup Wizard

  1. Read the Welcome message, and click the Next button.

    The Setup Wizard then examines your system to verify the following:

    • Microsoft Outlook is designated as your default email client, and your version of Outlook is supported by this Connector software.

    • the Sun Java System Synchronization program (previously known as the Sun ONE Sync program), which is incompatible with this Connector software, is not installed.

    If Outlook is not set as your default email client, or if an incompatible Sun synchronization program is installed, the Wizard notifies you and prompts you to acknowledge the notice and exit the program. (You will be able to run this Setup Wizard again after you correct the problem.) To resolve either of these problems, see the instructions in Chapter 8, Troubleshooting under:

    Similarly, if your version of Outlook is not supported, the Wizard notifies you of the problem and prompts you to exit the program, and you may rerun the Setup Wizard after you upgrade to a supported version of Outlook.

    Otherwise, if a supported version of Outlook is set to be your default email client, and if no Sun synchronization program is installed: The Setup Wizard copies the necessary files to your computer, and examines your system to see whether the Microsoft Web Publishing Wizard (WPW) is installed. The WPW is a component that lets you share your free/busy schedule with coworkers.

  2. Determine whether or not Microsoft Web Publishing Wizard is already installed.