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Sun Storage F5100 Flash Array

Product Notes

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1.  Sun Storage F5100 Flash Array Product Notes

Special Considerations

Replacing Energy Storage Modules

Shipping Energy Storage Modules

Configuration Guidelines and Limitations

Multipathing on the Sun Storage F5100 Flash Array

Connecting Multiple Arrays or JBODs

Oracle Solaris Device Path Changes After FMod Replacement

System Specifications and Requirements

Current and Legacy Systems

Supported Hosts, HBAs, and OSs

Supported SPARC Configurations

Supported Oracle x86 Configurations

Supported HBA Firmware

Supported System Firmware

Required Patches

Oracle Solaris Performance Patch

HBA Firmware Patch

Windows 2003 Patch

Persistent Log Message Patch

Supported Disk Management Software

Aligning FMODs for Optimal Performance

Known Issues

Documentation Errata

Special Considerations

Keep the following considerations in mind when handling or shipping the energy storage modules (ESMs) in the Sun Storage F5100 flash array:

Replacing Energy Storage Modules


Caution - When replacing an ESM, ensure that you follow the replacement procedures provided in the Sun Storage F5100 Flash Array Service Manual.

When replacing an ESM, follow these guidelines:


Caution - If AC power fails while an ESM is removed from the system, data on the FMods that are backed up by the removed ESM could be lost. Do not leave an ESM bay empty any longer than necessary to complete the replacement procedure.

Shipping Energy Storage Modules

If you ship an ESM, you must do so in accordance with all International Air Transport Association (IATA) regulations.

Refer to the document “Transporting Products With a Miscellaneous Class 9 Dangerous Goods Classification,” which was provided with the product when it was shipped to you, for additional information. Additionally, you can refer to the Dangerous Goods Regulations document at: