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Sun Netra CP3240 Advanced Mezzanine Card 10GbE Optic User’s Guide

for the AMC.2-OP






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1. Getting Started

1.1 System Requirements

1.1.1 Connectivity

1.1.2 Electrical and Environmental

1.1.3 Disposal

1.1.4 Connectors

1.1.5 Jumper Options

1.2 Unpacking

1.3 Handling AMCs

1.4 AMC Faceplate

1.4.1 SFP Port

1.4.2 XFP Port

1.5 AMC LEDs

1.6 Removing and Installing AMCs

1.6.1 Removing an AMC

1.6.2 Removing a Switch and AMC

1.6.3 Installing an AMC

2. Overview

2.1 Features

2.2 Key Components

2.2.1 Broadcom BCM8705 10-GbE Serial-to-XAUI PHY

2.2.2 Module Management Controller (MMC)

2.3 Functional Diagram

2.4 AMC Sites

2.5 Technical Support and Warranty

3. Configuring Jumper Settings

3.1 Jumper Locations and Settings

4. Managing the AMC

4.1 Monitoring and Control Functions

4.2 IPMB

4.3 FRU Information

4.4 Sensors

4.5 Firmware and Software Upgrades

A. Environment Specifications

A.1 Electrical and Environmental

A.1.1 Absolute Maximum Ratings

A.1.2 Normal Operating Ranges

A.2 Reliability

A.3 Mechanical

A.3.1 Board Dimensions and Weight

B. Connectors

B.1 Connector Locations and Assignments

B.2 Connector Pinouts

B.2.1 AMC Connectors/Goldfingers (GF1)

B.2.2 SFP Connector (J3)

B.3 XFP Connector (J2)

B.4 OEM Connector (J1)

C. Agency Certifications

C.1 CE Certification


C.3 Safety

C.4 Emissions Test Regulations

C.4.1 EN 55022 Emissions

C.4.2 EN 55024 Immunity

C.5 Regulatory Information

C.5.1 FCC (USA)

C.5.2 Industry Canada (Canada)

D. Datasheet Reference