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Sun Blade T6340 Server Module Product Notes

Product Notes


Feedback Contents

1. Important Information

Summary of New Features

New Support for SAS-2 Components

Supported Versions of the Oracle Solaris OS, Firmware, and Software

procedure iconsmall spaceAccess OS, Patch, and Firmware Updates

Required Patches

Supported Chassis

procedure iconsmall spaceIdentify the Chassis Midplane Version

Supported Modular Components

Important Firmware Upgrade Required Prior to Mixing SAS-1 and SAS-2 Components

2. Late-Breaking Issues

Storms of Events Might Impact Logging of Telemetry Data (CR 6983799)

System May Hang, Panic, Reset, or Power Off While Handling Correctable Events (6983478)

Drive OK-to-Remove LED Might Not Work When Using the cfgadm -c unconfigure Command (CR 6946124)

procedure iconsmall spaceManually Locate a Drive

cfgadm Does Not Unconfigure the Path When Multipathing Software Is Enabled (6948701)

procedure iconsmall spaceManually Unconfiguring Multipath-Enabled Drives

False Power Failure Faults Might Be Reported During POST or SunVTS Memory Testing (CR 6895793)

Remote Console Does Not Launch When Using Web Interface Connection to CMM (CR 6740614)

Memory Configuration Issues at Power On (CR 6730610)

Procedure for Resetting Root Password to Factory Default Ineffective (CR 6749470)

Command prtdiag -v Might Appear to Hang (CR 6588550)

ALOM Compatibility Shell Command setdate Issue (CR 6586305)

SunVTS xnetlbtest Might Fail During XAUI Loopback Testing (CR 6603354)

3. Documentation Errata

Correction to the Service Manual