Sun Java System Application Server Platform Edition 8.2 Developer's Guide

ProcedureTo use HPROF profiling on UNIX

  1. Configure the Application Server using the Administration Console:

    1. Select the JVM Settings component under the relevant configuration, then select the Profiler tab.

    2. Edit the following fields:

      • Profiler Name: hprof

      • Profiler Enabled: true

      • Classpath: (leave blank)

      • Native Library Path: (leave blank)

      • JVM Option: For each of these options, select Add, type the option in the Value field, then check its box:


        Here is an example of options you can use:


        The file option determines where the stack dump is written in Step 2.

        The syntax of HPROF options is as follows:

        -Xrunhprof[:help]|[:option=value,option2=value2, ...]

        Using help lists options that can be passed to HPROF. The output is as follows:

        Hprof usage: -Xrunhprof[:help]|[:<option>=<value>, ...]
        Option Name and Value   Description             Default
        ---------------------   -----------             -------
        heap=dump|sites|all     heap profiling          all
        cpu=samples|old         CPU usage               off
        format=a|b              ascii or binary output  a
        file=<file>             write data to file      java.hprof
        							   (.txt for ascii)
        net=<host>:<port>       send data over a socket write to file
        depth=<size>            stack trace depth       4
        cutoff=<value>          output cutoff point     0.0001
        lineno=y|n              line number in traces?  y
        thread=y|n              thread in traces?       n
        doe=y|n                 dump on exit?           y
  2. Restart the Application Server. This writes an HPROF stack dump to the file you specified using the file HPROF option in Step 1.