Sun Java System Application Server Platform Edition 8.2 Upgrade and Migration Guide

Upgrading Through the Wizard

The Upgrade wizard provides a GUI. Using the wizard increases install time and space requirements. You can start the Upgrade wizard in GUI mode from the command line or from the desktop.

To start the wizard,

- On UNIX, change to the <install_dir>/bin directory and type asupgrade.

- On Windows, double-click the asupgrade icon in the <install_dir>/bin directory.

If the Upgrade checkbox was selected during the Application Server installation process, the Upgrade Wizard screen automatically displays after the installation completes.

ProcedureTo Use the Upgrade Wizard

  1. In the Source Installation Directory field, enter the location of the existing installation from which to import the configuration.

    This installation can be Application Server 7 or Application Server 8/8.1 .

  2. In the Target Installation Directory field, enter the location of the Application Server installation to which to transfer the configuration.

    If the upgrade wizard was started from the installation (the Upgrade from Previous Version checkbox was checked during the Application Server installation), the default value for this field will be the directory to which the Application Server software was just installed.

  3. If the source installation has security certificates that must be transferred, check the Transfer Security Certificates checkbox, press the Next button, and the Transfer Security Certificates screen displays.

  4. From the Transfer Security Certificates screen, press the Add Domain button to add domains with certificates to be transferred.

    The Add Domain dialog displays.

  5. From the Add Domain dialog, select the domain name that contains the security certificates to migrate and enter the appropriate passwords.

  6. Click the OK button when done.

    The Transfer Security Certificates screen will be displayed again.

  7. Repeat Upgrading Through the Wizard and Upgrading Through the Wizard until all the domains that have certificates to be transferred have been added.

  8. After all of the domains that contain certificates to be transferred have been added, press the Next button and

    Continue with Upgrading Through the Wizard or with Upgrading Through the Wizard if cluster configuration information needs to be transferred.

  9. The Upgrade Results screen displays, showing the status of the upgrade operation in the Results field.

  10. Click the Finish button to close the Upgrade Tool when the upgrade process is complete.