TABLE 1-1 large spaceStorage Node Features

TABLE 1-2 large spaceStorage Node Front Panel LED and Switch Descriptions

TABLE 1-3 large spaceService Node Features

TABLE 1-4 large spaceGigabit Ethernet Switch Connections to the Network Patch Panel

TABLE 1-5 large space5800 Storage System User Interface Functional Capabilities

TABLE 2-1 large spaceHelp Tabs

TABLE 2-2 large spaceHelp Icons

TABLE 2-3 large space5800 System Administrative Tasks

TABLE 7-1 large spaceSupported Metadata Types

TABLE 7-2 large spaceReserved Domains

TABLE 7-3 large space system Namespace Contents

TABLE 7-4 large space filesystem Namespace Contents

TABLE 7-5 large spaceExample Table ( reference Table)

TABLE 7-6 large spaceNumber of Bytes Used By Each Column in a Table Row Definition

TABLE 7-7 large spaceExamples of Fields to Be Added to a Table

TABLE 7-8 large spaceNumber of Bytes Used By Each Element in Index

TABLE 7-9 large spaceExample of Fields to Be Added to a Table

TABLE 7-10 medium spaceWebDAV Property Names and System Metdata Attributes

TABLE 7-11 medium spaceMetadata Schema Fields

TABLE 9-1 large spaceMouse-Over Values on the Status at a Glance Panel