Sun Java System Instant Messaging 7.2 Administration Guide

Customizing the index.html and im.html Files

If you are using Instant Messenger in a deployment without Sun Java System Access Manager, you can modify the static portion of the index.html and im.html files to produce a fully customized user interface. These HTML files contain both text and markups describing how the text is formatted and handled. Markup is implemented through a set of tags, which specify formats for headers, indents, font size, and font style.

Some of the page elements that can be modified are:

You can launch the Instant Messenger applet and the Java Web Start application from index.html. If you are running the Instant Messenger applet, modify the im.html file. The im.html file is called by index.html, and invokes the Instant Messenger applet. The im.html file is generated when you run the configure utility and contains an applet argument that points to the multiplexor.

Note –

The argument “<PARAM NAME="server" VALUE="servername">” represents the Instant Messaging multiplexor and its port in the im.html file. If you change the iim_mux.listenport parameter’s default value, you need to change the servername value to host.domain:port.