Sun Java System Instant Messaging 7.2 Administration Guide

Launching Instant Messenger Using Sun Java System Access Manager SSO

To launch the Instant Messenger client using single sign-on (SSO) with Sun Java System Access Manager use IMLaunch.jsp. This file is in the resource directory.

Sun Java System Access Manager and Instant Messenger must be configured to use the same web container to enable SSO.

To launchInstant Messenger enter the following in a web browser:





codebase is the codebase from which the Instant Messenger resources are downloaded. For example,

multiplexor-hostname is the host name of the mulitplexor. For example,

muliplexor-port is the port number on which the multiplexor listens for incoming client requests. For example, 5222.

IMLaunch.jsp is used for launching Instant Messenger through either Java Web Start or Java Plug-in.