Sun Java System Instant Messaging 7.2 Administration Guide

Creating and Managing the Instant Messaging Redirect Table Using the rdadmin Utility

Typically, you use the rdadmin utility on an as-needed basis. You do not need to regenerate the table frequently as roster changes are not generally high-volume. However, you should run the utility at least once every two weeks.

ProcedureTo Create a New or Update an Existing Instant Messaging Redirect Database

  1. Stop the redirect server:

    imadmin stop redirect
  2. If you are updating an existing redirect database, obtain the number of partitions previously created by rdadmin:

    1. Open rdadmin.log in a text editor.

      The rdadmin.log file is stored in:

    2. Find the value for “NO OF PARTITIONS RUN”.

  3. Ensure you have at least as many user entries as partitions.

  4. Generate the new redirect database:

    For example:

    rdadmin generate

    See the rdadmin man page for additional rdadmin options.

    The rdadmin utility creates the new database and saves it as im-db-base/ unless you specify a different name.

  5. If you are generating the redirect database for the first time, rename the database as redirect.db.

  6. If you are updating an existing redirect database, replace the old redirect database with the new one:

    For example:

    rm im-db-base/redirect.db
    cp im-db-base/ im-db-base/redirect.db
  7. Start the redirect server:

    imadmin start redirect